Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Orvieto, Umbria - Part 2

We chose L'Antica Rupe for dinner from another recommendation. Italians are known for eating their dinner very late so we decided a time of 8 pm should be late enough for us to have our dinner.

We had to start the evening off with a bottle of Orvieto Classico wine! We had to have at least one bottle because we were in Orvieto afterall.

Fava beans were in season and we still had not had any in Italy so we asked our server about them.  She then brought over 4 large stalks, fresh from picking and we ate them plain. The were enormous!  They were so fresh and flavorful that it was so easy to eat raw.

After scanning the menu, we decided to ask our server for her recommendation and she selected a baked prosciutto appetizer and 2 pasta dishes (truffle cheese ravioli and gnocchi). Absolutely tasty!

Most of the time we eat dessert with our meals so tonight was no exception. Their dessert was written on a large board and was brought to our table.

I really enjoyed this restaurant because the atmosphere was very lively, and I liked the busy chatter and positive vibe I got from being there.  The pasta was fresh and the service was very good. By the time we finished dinner, it was almost 11 pm. I’m still not accustomed to eating dinner so late and being so full before I go to bed but when in Rome (or Orvieto), do as the Romans do!

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