Monday, 31 March 2014

Fragola di Bosco - Italy's Wild Strawberry

The first time I saw a fragola, I mistook it for a raspberry. They look nothing alike but it was the small size of the berry that confused me. I was sitting in a restaurant and noticed the table next to me eating a bowl of fragolas for dessert (as you can see, a lot of my food discoveries come from watching what other people eat).  I was actually craving something refreshing after eating a pastry for breakfast and pasta for lunch so I ordered a bowl of fragolas. 

They are unlike anything I have ever tasted. It is small in size, fragile, has a soft texture to it, and has an intense flavor and taste.  
Fresh fragolas from the market
Also known as an Italian wild strawberry, the fragola is a bright red berry and you can eat it plain or have sugar sprinkled on it or even add red wine to it like we had below.

 But the most amazing way we had the fragola was when it was incorporated as a gelato. Next time you are in Rome , you must stop by Gelateria dei Gracchi. We had planned to each get one cup with 3 flavors in it, but the gelato was so good, that we ordered another cup each.  Our favorite flavor was the fresh fragola gelato!

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